Affordable One Time Cleaning Service In Singapore

Why You Should Engage One Time Cleaning Services in Singapore

There are occasions which you only need one time cleaning services for your office space and not the usual full-time package. These include events such as relocating to another office or the annual spring cleaning before Chinese New Year.

Office Cleaning services in Singapore provided by J.S Services offers the most comprehensive cleaning services for your office area. You will find the relevant service to meet your requirement. With a wealth of experience, we provide you with a complete one time cleaning service and expertise for your office in Singapore.

Our one off cleaning service cost is highly competitive and affordable. Contact us now with your cleaning requirements and we will offer you a one-stop solution that meets your budget.

The most ideal way to tackle this is to engage experienced one-off cleaners who have the know how to efficiently clear and clean your office rooms.

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Testimonials From Our Clients

“We have enjoyed a very good working relationship with J.S Services and have always found them to be responsible to all aspects of cleaning. It is with no hesitation that we recommend them to anyone.”



“We are happy with their consistently high standard of service and value the longstanding vendor relationship we have with J.S Services. We highly recommend their services to any firm considering them for office cleaning services.”

“We find J.S Services very trustworthy.  They have always provided an excellent and professional service and have been very responsive to any needs we have expressed.” 

Services We Offer

Is your company moving to a new office building? Or you have just renovated your new premise and require one time post renovation cleaning? Or it could be just you need to remove some stubborn stains or clear some messy storeroom?
Check out some of our ad hoc cleaning services below!

End of Tenancy Cleaning
For those who are moving out to another office, you will probably need to vacate your current premise and make it ready for the next tenant to move in. There will be many areas to clean at the end of tenancy.

To save on the time to clean the entire property, you can consider hiring a professional cleaning company for a one time move out cleaning. The cleaners have the right skills and know how to restore the property to its original condition when you first move in. This is definitely the right time to seek extra help for your post tenancy cleaning before you handover the office rooms to the landlord.

New Premise Cleaning
For business owners who are moving to another office building, the major issue facing is usually how to minimize the disruption to the daily operations during the date of the move.

You would want the new location to be in move in condition so that your staff can settle in the new environment as soon as possible.
It will be a waste of time to have to worry about cleaning the new office space when the effort should be spent on resuming the business activities.

As such, you can engage our services to give your new location a thorough tidying and washing. Whether it is carpet cleaning, washing of the windows and toilets, pantries and meeting rooms, you can be assured of a fuss free event on the moving day.

Post Renovation Cleaning Service
If you have extensive renovation done in your office, whether is a new office or existing one, there is undoubtedly a need for a major cleaning due to the accumulation of dirt and dust. There may also be wood shavings, dried cement, footprint, various debris and numerous other substance that can soil the area.

Hence, we highly recommend you to enlist post renovation cleaning service for your office in Singapore.

Let the well-equipped and experienced team of cleaners help you remove all the unwanted items plus give it a comprehensive washing before you and your staff move back to the building.

This ensures that everyone can work in a spick and span healthy environment after the renovation is done.

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Other Ad Hoc Office Cleaning

There are other occasions which you require cleaning service that are not part of the normal routine like the annual spring cleaning. In addition, we also offer the following:

  • Carpet Cleaning

Ensuring that your carpet is well maintained is important to prolong the shelf life of the carpet. Regular vacuuming is one way to have a proper upkeep of the carpet. However, to remove accumulated dirt and pollutants that are deep inside the carpet, you should hire professionals with their specialized cleaning machine to give your carpet a thorough one time shampooing and restoration.

Besides maintenance, there are occasions when your office floor carpet is stained due to mishaps. This is the time which you need to immediately request a one off cleaning of the office, especially the affected area. If not, without the right chemical cleaning, the stain will be stubborn and permanent.

  • Commercial Floor Cleaning

A sparkling and unsoiled office floor improves the overall appearance of your interior office and provides an excellent impression when clients visit your office.

Even if you have already outsourced cleaning to an external company, there may be instances when you need ad hoc specialized commercial floor cleaning services.

For example, if the floor is damaged slightly, you may need floor restoration services on top of the cleaning. Our cleaning team will come down for an assessment of the damage and list down the tasks needed to revert the floor back to its original condition with the relevant chemicals.

  • Window Cleaning

Having sparkling windows provide a pleasant backdrop to your office. Besides having a professional image which will impress visitors, especially if your business has a storefront for walk in customers. Therefore, you should always include window cleaning as part of your general cleaning routine.

You may sometimes only need one time window cleaning for special occasions like an important overseas guest who is coming to visit your Singapore office premise or the annual spring cleaning. Remember to enlist the help of one time cleaning lady and man who can efficiently and effectively clean your office windows at a low cost that is within your budget.

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If you are searching for cleaning services, do contact us today for a quote. Regardless if is just a section of your office or your whole office property that needs a one off washing, you will find that we have the expertise and equipment to meet your needs.

We provide a comprehensive temporary cleaning solution at a reasonable and inexpensive rate for your Singapore office work space.
Fill up the contact form now and state your requirements to check out how much a one-time cleaning service cost now!

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