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Hiring janitorial cleaning services in Singapore

Janitorial Services SingaporeDo you know that engaging janitorial service companies can impact greatly on the outlook of your facility as well as lower your cleaning costs?

Certainly, many people hire janitorial agencies to save on time and the hassles of having to clean up often.
Essentially, janitors have the right tools, the prerequisite know-how and time to leave your facility spotless clean and in great condition. But then, the quality of service offered by your preferred janitorial agency has a great impact on longevity and attractiveness of items in your facility.

Here is a quick overview of commercial toilet cleaning services that you should read through before setting out to hire a janitor.

Quick tips on janitorial services
• Janitorial services offer a raft of services including carpet care, tile and grout cleaning, hard surface floor care, cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, break rooms and the kitchen.
• Other services include upholstery cleaning, office set up cleaning, washing and dusting up the windows, waste removal as well as detailed cleaning for high traffic areas such as lobbies and entrances.
• Janitorial companies have varying equipment for handling the different cleaning jobs depending on a facility’s structure and environment.
• Different agencies levy differing rates depending on the scope of job at hand, your company’s budget as well as the quality of service offered.
• Office janitorial services will help keep sensitive areas such as the bathroom, toilet, break areas, lobbies and the reception clean and inviting.

Merits of engaging professionals to undertake janitorial duties in your venture.

1. Saves You Time
Engaging a janitor for your office cleaning service in Singapore frees up significant time for your employees allowing them to attend to the businesses of the day such as attending to clients and visitors’ needs. Most importantly, ensuring that employees do not attend to tasks that aren’t within their scope such as cleaning bathrooms and toilets makes them more focused, feel valued and committed to do what they are best in.

2. Fast and Efficient Cleaning
It’s obvious that you don’t get the cleanest facility if cleaning is done in fits and starts. or Companies that provide toilet cleaning services in Singapore have the tools and the know-how to undertake a speedy yet efficient cleaning of your facility. Your employees don’t have to risk falling with a ladder as they try to clean up your office windows. Likewise, there aren’t programs interrupted as clean is fast.

3. Creates a Hygienic Environment
By undertaking a thorough cleaning, emptying waste baskets, sanitizing sensitize regions such as bathrooms, break areas and toilets, agents from the commercial janitorial cleaning services will leave the environment cleaner and healthier for both employees and visitors alike.

As a result, there will be fewer sick leaves while medical costs will be reduced significantly. Just as the same, a clean facility will improve your visitor’s impression of your company, enhance the company’s image and ultimately lead to increased sales.

4. Trained staff
Since employees from the janitorial agencies will be working in full view of visitors and your clients, it’s then vital that they leave a lasting impression to those to engage directly and indirectly. With courteous and well trained janitorial service staff, you are certainly guaranteed of a great service and a welcoming environment for all.

5. Saves you cost
This is perhaps the main reason behind contracting cleaning agencies. You certainly can afford to buy all the equipment, cleaning solutions and training staff to just do the commercial cleaning services. Not unless you have an extensive facility. Janitorial service agencies leverage on economies of scale to ensure their affordable services to multiple clients helping each save on the long term.

6. Flexible and tailored to your needs
Enlisting the services of a professional janitorial service agency is a convenient way to ensure that your facility’s cleaning program is tailored to your needs. The cleaning agency will actually help you decide on a suiting cleaning schedule depending on type of surfaces and floors in your facility.

Engaging a janitorial service cleaner is certainly an ideal way to save on costs, time and management hassles in your venture. As you prepare to hire your next janitorial company, the tips above will prove a great help for the perfect hiring.

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Some Useful Tips on Hiring Janitorial Services

checkThere is no denying that engaging professionals to undertake janitorial duties has a raft of merits for your business. Besides making the office spotlessly clean, outsourcing janitorial services frees valuable time that you could use to attend to issues that matter most in the organization.

That being said, not many people tell apart janitorial services from the everyday cleaning tasks. But then, there’s only a thin line between the two. All in all, there is need to understand what these services entail so as hire the right people who can undertake tasks such as cleaning the restrooms, kitchen, the back office and more without a hitch. As such, this guide highlights some useful tips on janitorial services.

What janitorial services are – and what they are not
As opposed to employees in a business set up, janitors primarily handle the task of cleaning and sanitizing around your venture. This includes attending to time consuming areas such as the bathroom, windows, and the dustbins. This not only ensures your employees work in a favorable environment but also help portray professionalism.

List of janitorial services offered by cleaning agencies

Bathroom Cleaning
In any institution, the bathroom areas are the tell-tale signs of how clean a facility is. Cleaning and janitorial services not only clean up this important area but also sanitize it for the hygiene of your employees and clients as well.

Basically, the cleaner starts by collecting all trash in the dustbins placed in the bathrooms. They will then wash and sanitize the toilet bowls, urinals, counter-tops and sinks. The showers are also cleaned as well while mirrors are cleaned and polished up to make them shiny and glowing. To cap it all, the floor are mopped to leave a dazzling surface.

Dustbin Cleaning
If not well attended to, dustbins can be an unsightly place. They are a perfect hide out for insects, pets and molds owing to their contents. Among other tasks, office janitorial cleaners empty up the dustbins, sanitize them and place them appropriately. This eliminates of bad odor and germs emanating from the dustbins.

Mould Cleaning
Mould can make a beautiful office look rugged and worn out. More so, mould can pose a health hazard to your employees and clients as well. That’s why you should make certain you hire an expert in mould removal to secure your office and safeguard its image. Basically, the specialist identifies and removes any existing mould spores on the office walls, ceilings and other areas not visible in the office.

Toilet Cleaning
Toilets easily get stained and if not well cleaned up, they can be a source of unpleasant odours in the building. To clean up, the toilet cleaning services provider have to squirt a toilet cleaning solution on the sides and the rims of the toilet followed by thorough scrubbing. A disinfectant may be used and rinsed with plenty of clean water.

Window Cleaning Services SingaporeWindow Cleaning
Windows are one of the hardest areas to clean up, right? What with all effort required to clean up the dirty sills and frames or worse still the grimy and smeared glass. Not to worry though. With office janitorial services at hand, you’re certainly the assured of windows free of dust and cobwebs.

Basically, janitors schedule the cleaning wisely and also apply the best tools on offer to ensure the work is done to perfection. Some of the tools include windows cleaners, wiping tools, paper towels, and microfiber cloths.

Getting the right service provider
Outsourcing your facility’s cleaning services means more than just finding a janitor. It entails marrying experience with dedication as well as understanding of your office’s structure.

The best shot to succeeding in engaging the right commercial janitorial service in Singapore is to know the services offered and the merits you gain from outsourcing. This article certainly acts as an eye opener to anyone seeking to engage a cleaning contractor to undertake the housekeeping tasks around their premises.


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