Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Singapore

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in Singapore

Commercial Floor Cleaning SingaporeOur full range of professional cleaning services includes commercial floor cleaning services. Our tasks are performed to cater to your regular cleaning requirements of your modern day office.

Importance of Having Clean Floors

Keeping an office clean, especially clean flooring is very critical for running a successful business. A clean office floor provides a healthy and professional image for the company, creating the right impression for their clients. It also boost employees’ morale and productivity by creating a healthy and pleasant environment for them.

A neat and sparkling environment enhances the company’s reputation and indirectly boosting the company’s sales in Singapore. However, ensuring the cleanliness of the office floor is something that is often neglected by the business owners, due to the other more pertinent issues that they have to settle on hand.

Hence, most business owners outsource the office upkeep to the professional cleaning companies. It is also more economical and cost effective to outsource as the business owners do not need to maintain the fixed and related costs of maintaining a fixed headcount and also the time to supervise the cleaner. Regular commercial floor cleaning services is usually part of the cleaning package bought by the company to ensure a well-buffed shine floor.

The frequency of the floor cleaning depends on the client’s preference and environment, for example if the office is high traffic area like retail store or reception areas. If a floor is damaged, ad hoc floor cleaning service will be required to renovate and restore the flooring.

Commercial Floor CleaningProfessional and Experienced Floor Cleaners

Our professional and experienced cleaners are trained to provide quality floor care and floor maintenance. They offer a variety of floor cleaning tasks required by our clients. They will adopt the relevant cleaning methods to clean our clients’ floor, depending on the floor’s type and texture.

For example, stripping, waxing and buffing method will be used to clean a tile floor. Pre-sanding, cool mopping, waxing and buffing method will be used to clean wood floor. Floor scrubbing, special waxing and polishing method will be used to clean marble floor.

Floor Cleaning List of Services Offered
• Floor Maintenance (including mopping)
• Tile and Hardwood Floor Care (for example, vinyl, marble, wood, parquet and so on)
• Stripping, sealing and waxing
• Scruffing and Buffing
• Hard Floor Cleaning
• Deep scrubbing and refinishing
• Spot removal
• Restoration
• Others

Floor Restoration Services

If a floor is scratched or slightly damaged, complete floor restoration service is required to repair the floor. The professional cleaning companies will pay a no obligatory site inspection visit to assess the extent of the floor damage and come up with the solutions to address it. They will share with the potential clients on the quote and cleaning duration, for the clients to decide if they want to take up the service.

The good news for business owners is that once a floor is restored, the professional cleaning companies will exclude the periodic deep cleaning in the contract for a period of time. This means cost savings for the business owners.

If your office floors need a good clean or if your office needs regular cleaning, do contact us now to enquire more!

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“We have enjoyed a very good working relationship with J.S Services and have always found them to be responsible to all aspects of cleaning. It is with no hesitation that we recommend them to anyone.”



“We are happy with their consistently high standard of service and value the longstanding vendor relationship we have with J.S Services. We highly recommend their services to any firm considering them for office cleaning services.”

“We find J.S Services very trustworthy.  They have always provided an excellent and professional service and have been very responsive to any needs we have expressed.” 

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