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At J.S Services, we strive to give you professional office cleaning services. You will get a consistent quality cleaning services at an affordable, value for money rate.

We offer a variety of office cleaning services that are specific to your needs, that will give you a clean and uncluttered office environment which promotes productivity and a healthy workplace to be in.

Office Cleaning Services Singapore

Why is it important to engage services from a NEA licensed office cleaning company in Singapore?

Office Cleaning Services SingaporeSingapore business owners usually enlist office cleaning services, instead of letting the staff or hiring a full time office cleaner to handle the cleaning services.

Hiring from an office cleaner agency in Singapore that is  The National Environment Agency (NEA) licensed on basis of contractual cleaning helps to relieve the existing staff of the cleaning duties or without the need to include one additional headcount is beneficial in the long term.

There are several advantages of having a clean and sanitary office. Enlisting professional office cleaning services, rather than having an in-house cleaner have several advantages, which includes:

1. More economical
You will achieve time and cost savings. There are various cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies required to clean the entire office.

When you engage the external vendor, you can save on these fixed costs, whether you are hiring a regular, part time or ad-hoc office cleaner. You also need not worry about maintaining the cleaning equipment and incurring the expenses related. In addition, as you do not hire an in-house employee, you need not incur additional costs related to having a headcount to your office, for example, Central Provident Fund (CPF), annual leave and medical benefits.

Other intangible cost savings relates to time savings resulting from transferring the supervisory role of ensuring quality of work done to the company providing the regular cleaning services in Singapore. Your designated employee or you can use the time saved to work on your core projects and tasks, which translates to more money saved.

2. You can focus on your core business to grow your company
Office ChairsTasks related to scrubbing and dusting your office is definitely not one of your core competencies that helps you generate more sales and increase profitability. For example, if you have a roster in your company that assigns your current administrative staff to clean the office, this will definitely have an adverse impact on your staff morale. They will not feel valued and this will affect productivity too.

With the workplace cleaning services outsourced, the cost and time savings can be channelled to help you and your staff to concentrate on areas that will help your business to grow. In addition, the commercial cleaning company can come in after office hours, which means that they will not disrupt your business operations.

3. Healthier environment
Another important reason is related to hygiene and resultant cost savings due to less absenteeism and employee medical claims. Dust and germs get accumulated in almost every corner of the office, be it desks, printer tops and telephones.

A clean place of work means that these accumulated dust and germs and wiped away, which means that the air is better. With the resultant better hygiene, the employees are exposed to less germs and bacteria. They will be less susceptible to illnesses and hence will take less medical leave or submit less medical claims.

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4. Boost employee morale
One operational related reason is critical in maintaining employees’ productivity and morale level. With a clean and hence conducive environment, the employees will have less stress and distractions, hence are able to focus better on completing their designated tasks. Things are also more organised in a safe and uncluttered office environment, which translates to higher efficiency as well.

Office Cleaning5. Maintaining your Company’s image and reputation
A clean and tidy office definitely helps in enhancing the company’s reputation and image to outsiders. Visitors and clients will have a great first impression, when they step into an organised and hygienic company, which will definitely create a fantastic first impression. This will subsequently give the business a boost.

6. Reliable and Regularly Cleaning Schedule
With the cleaning tasks outsourced to the corporate office cleaning services company, you, as a business owner is assured that your office will be scoured as per scheduled request. There is no need to address any absenteeism, resignation or other employment related issues. The cleaning company will handle these and ensure they will assign a staff to provide you with the routine cleaning service.

The cleaning company will create a unique cleaning schedule that is convenient for you, whether you are engaging commercial, industrial, factory, F&B cleaning services or more. 

In addition, in event if you require some on-demand cleaning services, the cleaning company will be able to such ad-hoc requests.

7. One stop shop cleaning service provider
A NEA certified cleaning office company provides other related services, in addition to the routine daily commercial cleaning services and janitorial cleaning services. The office cleaning lady provides other general maintenance services like carpet cleaning and window cleaning, which you require on a less regular basis. They also provide on-demand cleaning services to address some emergency issues that you may encounter that requires immediate cleaning attention like post renovation cleaning services.

As a one-stop shop cleaning service provider, it relieves you the hassle of having numerous contacts for the different type of cleaning services. You just need to have a contractual cleaning Singapore, to call a point of contact to upkeep your office. This point of contact will also help you plan your company’s cleaning and maintenance schedule in the optimal and cost effective way.

Testimonials From Our Clients

“We have enjoyed a very good working relationship with J.S Services and have always found them to be responsible to all aspects of cleaning. It is with no hesitation that we recommend them to anyone.”


“We are happy with their consistently high standard of service and value the longstanding vendor relationship we have with J.S Services. We highly recommend their services to any firm considering them for office cleaning services.”

“We find J.S Services very trustworthy.  They have always provided an excellent and professional service and have been very responsive to any needs we have expressed.” 

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    Check out the Office Cleaning Services offered below. Click to find out more.

    Part time Office Cleaning Services

    Part time cleaning services in SingaporeEngaging in part time office cleaning services for your office in Singapore is relevant if you believe that regular cleaning does not make economical sense. This can be due to various reasons like your commercial area is not always fully occupied or that the office is generally already well kept. In this case, getting a part time office cleaner is a better option. Either way, hiring a professional and experienced cleaner regardless of the frequency is still the best decision.

    Similar to our regular or one time office cleaning, we take pride in customizing our services to meet our client’s need. Our team are have the expertise working in the environment that is similar to your environment. The part time cleaning lady will come to your premise as per agreed upon to handle your commercial cleaning needs with competence and discretion.

    If more office cleaners are needed on a regular basis temporarily or ad-hoc cleaning is required due to specific events, feel free to contact us and we can a work out a flexible arrangement to change the cleaning schedule. After the temporary arrangement, our cleaners can resume the part time cleaning service.

    Whether you need commercial, industrial, factory cleaning services, you can let us ensure your premise is tidy and neat while you focus on running your business. The part time cleaners are just as well trained to carry out their tasks efficiently and reliably.

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    Looking for a Professional and Trusted Office Cleaner Company in Singapore? – The useful checklist to have When Office Cleaners Are Needed

    checklistCost should not be the only consideration factor when shortlisting the company.  Below are other factors that you should consider during your selection process to choose the best office cleaning services in Singapore.

    Make a careful consideration to find a professional and among the best cleaning company that can do your business and workplace proud:

    Possesses relevant cleaning and considerable amount of professional cleaning experience

    Your office cleaners must possess the relevant knowledge and know their cleaning stuff well.  Whether you are looking for one time office cleaning services or full time, the cleaning Company must also have a robust office cleaning system.  A well-developed cleaning model gives you the assurance that they are able to handle different cleaning issues found in your office.

    In addition, the cleaning company must also demonstrate to you that they have a certain number of years in the business.  This is because they need to accumulate a sizeable number of years in experience in order to handle the great multitude of cleaning issues present in different offices, in different industries.  The office cleaning agency also needs a certain number of experience in order to provide the different types of cleaning duties suited to your business needs.  With great and relevant cleaning experience, you will be assured that your office is in good hands.

    Free, no-obligation quote for the office cleaning services rate

    It is imperative to get a quote (with list of services offered) from various companies to enable you to make meaningful fee and services offerings comparisons.  The office cleaning service rates in Singapore can help you assess which company provides the tasks which you require for your basic cleaning needs or general maintenance needs.  Some of the list of services include mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the office desk and furniture, janitorial services and commercial cleaning services.

    Through this quote, you can also keep a lookout of the fees, to ensure that there are no hidden fees and charges.  In addition, you can also keep a look out for combo deals, which can help you get some cost savings.

    Office and Commercial Cleaning ServicesFully Guaranteed Warranty

    With this fully guaranteed warranty, you need not worry about the need to pay additional fee, in event if you need to redo some parts of the office which do not meet your expectation.

    Proof of insurance
    It is important that a cleaning company is insured comprehensively.  Requesting to sight the proof of insurance guarantees you that you will not need to assume any liability in event if a cleaner gets hurt when providing the cleaning service in your office premise.

    Has genuine customers’ testimonials

    It is important to enlist office cleaning services in Singapore from a good reputation company.  The quality and reputation level of a cleaning Company can be accessed via the customers’ testimonials.

    Request for customers’ testimonials and authenticate them via an internet search or word of mouth enquiry.  The best is to contact these customers directly.  You may learn more about these customers’ testimonials through your interaction with the cleaning company.

    Contractual Related Issues

    Be mindful not to engage your business in any contractual agreement, before you have the full background check of the cleaning company, including the services provided and corresponding fees offered.  This is to prevent your business from exposing to the unnecessary penalty charges for early contract termination.  Ensure that you do not pay high upfront fees too.

    If there is a need to sign a contract, do take some time to read through the whole contract and keep a lookout of terms that may be detrimental to your business.  It will be better to have a trial period or a shorter period contract for example a month-to-month contract.

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